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Anti-Slip Tape (2 Inch)

Anti-Slip Tape (2 Inch) Malaysia Supplier

Anti-Slip Tape (2 Inch)

Anti Slip Tape is an easy, fast and highly effective way to increase the traction on steps and walkways and other surfaces thar require a non slip function, Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.
* Ensure that the surface that you wish to apply the tape is dry and free of dirt and grime, Sand or scrape back to clean surface if necessary,
* Cut the tape to the desired lenghy,
* Remove the interliner paper from the adhesive side of the tape and apply to the surface, Use firm pressure during application to achieve a strong bonds
* Anti Slip Tape improves traction and reduces the risk of injury due to slipping,
* Use on Steps, Decks, in Wet areas and on Walkways that are open to the elements.
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