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Metalize Tape / Metalise Tape

Metalize Tape / Metalize Tape Malaysia Supplier
Metalize Tape / Metalize Tape Malaysia Supplier


  • Metalized BOPP film as backing material with acrylic adhesion on one side
  • Provides instant adhesion results during application
  • Surface of shiny metallic colour Attracts attention and inspire Artistic senses



  • Superior resistance against water and moisture, UV, flame, weather, chemicals, tear, and a broad range of temperatures
  • Offers clean removal without leaving any residue, offers excellent thermal stability and also chemical corrosion
  • High quality tape that has good tensile strength, long-lasting endurance and durability, and unaffected by Sunlight that causes discoloration
  • Excellent eye-catching decorative material able to Attract attention and also produce sparkling highlight good-looking results



  • Widely used for photo-sensing, decorative trim, advertising display, graphics art, and wrapping and shielding purposes
  • Also used in label positioning, masking, file document reinforcing, protecting, and light duty sealing and packaging
  • Often used for decorative applications like craft making, book mending, gift wrapping, card decoration, and much more
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