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Kapton Tape

kapton tape malaysia supplier
kapton tape malaysia supplier

Descriptions :
Kapton tape which is stable in a wide range of temperatures. The main application is for high temperature masking applications, including the protection of printed circuit board gold finger contacts during wave soldering. The recommended choice for applications that require all polyimide film with an excellent balance of properties over a wide range of temperatures.


Applications :

  • Manufacturing industry, electronics industry, motor insulation, transformer, coil fixed, assembly wave soldering, to protect circuit board (PCB) without leaving residue.
  • Widely used under different environmental conditions which require high temperature performance ,such as motor products manufacture and maintenance for aviation equipment manufacturing etc.
  • Extensive use as heat and electrical insulation for BGA reworks in electronic industry.


Specifications :

  • Maximum temperature range : 260°C ~ 300°C
  • Dimensions : 130 micron (thickness) x 10mm (width) x 33M (length)
  • Size : We will be able to customize on all sizes.
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