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Double Sided PE Foam Tape Industrial Grade

Double Sided PE Foam Tape Malaysia Supplier
Double Sided PE Foam Tape Malaysia Supplier


  • Made of PE foam backing material combined with superior quality acrylic adhesion ,
  • Exceptional Holding power and Anti-corrosion characteristics, enabling instant result of adhesiveness ,
  • Double sided adhesion allows for both sides to be bonded, for specific purposes and application ;



  • Able to Reduce Sound and Vibration packing for electrical accessories and also offers Protection for glass boards ,
  • Offers resistant properties against heat, water, dust, moisture, UV, and weather conditions ,
  • Beneficial characteristic of stress distribution where stress loads are able to be distributed evenly instead of just one point ,
  • Provides conformable properties for suitable application on irregular surfaces ;



  • Excellent properties suitable for indoor, outdoor, and permanent fixing applications ,
  • Widely applied for furniture, construction, flexible conjunction for decoration, and Mounting decorative object in cars, machines or houses ,
  • Ideal usage on name plates, labels, emblems, membrane switches, flexible circuits, EL, sensors, mirror and glass products .
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