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Die Cut Hook & Loop

Die Cut Hook & Loop Tape Velcro Tape Malaysia Supplier


• Hook & Loop Hook & Loop tape is a pair of linear polyester strips, one called the Hook strip, and the other called the Loop strip ,

• Both strips are formulated and designed to attach and bind to each other when both comes in contact ,

• Hook & Loop Hook & Loop tape can be cut into Die cut sizes, Die-cut coin sizes, and Die cut tape sizes to suit to customer’s needs and requirements ;



• Offers Waterproof properties, allowing for it to be washable ,

• Able to perform well over a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures ,

• Excellent Anti-aging properties as well as Great instant fastening force that allows instant bonding as both hook & loop comes in contact with each other ,

• Hook & Loop Bonding provides Exceptional Adhesive Strength and Outstanding performance of Holding power for applications ;



• Suitable usage for Light and Heavy Duty industries ,

• Die cut shape and sizes are produced to suit certain customer’s requirements in their applications ,

• Widely used applications:

Fastening Window mesh screen to protect against mosquitoes and insects,

Medical devices such as Blood pressure monitors,

Safety devices such as parachutes,

Interior Design, such as to hang photo frames,

Wrapping or Bundling of books, electrical wires and cables, and packages,

Common uses like in hair accessories, clothes, bags, and so on .

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