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Bondmat Floor Marking Tape (Yellow)

Bondmat Floor Marking Tape (Yellow) Malaysia Supplier
Bondmat Floor Marking Tape (Yellow) Malaysia Supplier


  • Floor tape is available in continuous rolls, corner marks (L, T and cross shapes) ,
  • Made of heavy duty polyester or vinyl ,
  • Maintains color even when exposed to heavy abrasion ;



  • Resistant to oil, moisture, solvents and scuffing ,
  • Highly durable and has strong holding strength, can even withstand forklift traffic ,
  • Ability to stick to virtually any dry surface when applied ,
  • Long-lasting adhesiveness and tape quality ;



  • Mainly used in marking areas such as hazard areas, material storage areas, pallet locations, keep clear areas and work cell outlines ,
  • Used to mark your facility’s aisles, walkways, safety hazards, storage areas and more ,
  • Industrial applications .
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