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Bondmat Black Insulation Tape / Bondmat wire Tape / Bondmat electrical PVC Tape

Bondmat Black Insulation Tape Malaysia Supplier
Bondmat Black Insulation Tape Malaysia Supplier


  • Plasticized PVC Tape with good mechanical and electrical properties ,
  • Excellent Tackiness and Adhesion ,
  • Comes in various colours (Red, Yellow, Black, White, Green, Blue) ,
  • Comes in various sizes and lengths ;



  • Resistant to aging, abrasion resistant and noise reducing to prevent rattles and squeaks ,
  • Resistant to moisture and humidity ,
  • Flexible and Elastic Tape Backing Material makes the tape stretchable and not easily tear or break ,
  • Contains Anti-Static & Waterproof¬†properties ;



  • Used in industries of Engineering , Wiring , Construction , Etc. ,
  • Suitable for wire and cable insulation or repairs, sealing, protection or colour coding application ,
  • To insulate electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity ,
  • Ideal elongation and elasticity to be able to stretch and use conveniently .
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